Gender fluidity 

Gender less or Gender neutral?

Some neutrons do feel completely genderless, they have no gender, or are null gendered. Others have internal gender; this is neither male or female, just neutral. Agender is a term used for both; while the prefixed gender may have hint or “lack of” neutrois and agender don’t have to signify lack of gender. 

Gender neutral is a hot topic in fashion. Humans are defined by our genders, we get bullied because of what we look like; our gender, our race and our abilities. Neutrinos is just one step forward to abolishing one of these topical areas and one step closer to equality. 

With runway shows and department stores, also the likes of Kanye West and Jared Leto, embracing all manner of skirts, bows and blouses, it’s clearer than ever; “when it comes to style in 2016-2017, the question isn’t why bend the gender rules?, it’s why not?”


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